The Roof is on Fire….

Another day,  another building in my condo complex catches fire. First, back in November, or maybe it was early December, my building caught fire. From the news articles it sounded like some dumbass started that one on the 2nd floor, and then instead of trying to call 911 or do anything smart, they tried to put it out themselves. Obviously, had they managed to do so, I’d likely have never heard about the fire as it wouldn’t have burn through several units. If I was that persons neighbor I’d be livid. And then of course there’s the water damage that hit’s undamaged units thanks to the water needed to extinguish the fire. All in all I think fourteen families were displaced, and up to 7 others had minor water damage. I luckily escaped unscathed. Nothing like ruining the new home owner high like your new home burning down.

Then last Thursday night, at 10:30PM I’m trying to get to sleep, and I hear all this commotion outside my window. I think it’s just a stupid kid or something… I want to yell at them to pipe down, but I just roll over. Five or so minutes later I hear sirens…. lots of sirens, but they all sound like they’re really far away. I turn over some more, and after another five minutes or so I finally look out the window. Flames are shooting into the night sky. Lovely.  I don’t recall what finally motivated me to lookout the window, but I do know that I heard sirens in the distance for quite some time. This might seem normal, until you take into account the fact that the fire station is just up the road a quarter mile, if that. I dunno if they just sounded further away then they really were, got lost, or it was a completely unrelated fire, but it was slightly unnerving. Once I was aware of the fire, I recall seeing some fire trucks arrive, and I think I saw the ladder bucket thingy, though I don’t recall seeing any water, but they must’ve done something, since within the next 15 minutes or so it was reduced to a smolder. I did snap a few pics of it, I should post those…later. According to the news people were hanging onto their balconies and such, I guess their stairwell was on fire. Miraculously, I don’t think anyone was injured in either fire. Of course the report said another 14-20 or so families were displaced. This is made worse when you factor in that several of the families from the first fire apparently still haven’t gotten to move back in. The management company claims the county is holding up the permits, I honestly don’t know, but it’s been almost 6 months now, it’s getting ridiculous. It’ll likely be that much more disheartening to the group of families that were just displaced.

At the rate of two fires in six months it’s only a matter of time until mine burns down. Hopefully that’s just the pessimism speaking, cause I’d really prefer it not to burn down.

And unrelated to fires….. a few weeks back my brother was down here to start working on the most awesome painting of all time. If I haven’t already told you about this painting it’s likely because I fear you would die of sheer joy just in it’s anticipation. While he was down, I also bought this really sweet Cobra Commander painting.


A painting of Cobra Commander that my brother did.

I think it provides just the right touch of 80s kitsch to the living room.  If, of course, paintings of Cobra Commander weren’t ridiculously rad, which they totally are. Totally.


  1. yo!! that’s what i call TRUE art in a living room!! respect to your brother!!

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