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So I realized today that while I’ve been spending a great deal of time transitioning to the new webhost, and then trying to tweak wordpress and some other areas of the site, as well as started posting more of my writing, I hadn’t actually updated the blog with a regular post….

So here we go, our first post in a few months…I plan to start writing a few more, especially as I begin to incorporate more of my writing, but we’ll see what happens. I should have some custom header images too.

For those of you who are interested, the site name is obviously derived from Memoirs of a Transient Monkey, of which you can read parts of from the writing drop down menu. Setting up that menu was a pain, but I think it turned out well.

I’ve also put up copies of my plays “Couples Counseling” and “Just Like Heaven” from “A Demonic Satire”, also under the writing drop down, and to top it all off I’ve posted a video (streaming and downloadable) of the performance of “Couples Counseling” from the Grove City One Acts of Spring 2004. I’ll provide more details on that page shortly, you can get to it from the same menu, just keep following it down to the last menu tier. I confess the video isn’t very good, but it’s better then nothing. Hopefully my brother will eventually finish working on his short film version, and I can post that.

The other night, as I was going to sleep, it occurred to me that the “origin story” that will eventually open “A Demonic Satire” (it’s mostly written, but needs a bit of work) would go well with the title “In the Beginning”, so look for “In the Beginning” in some way shape or form to be posted soon.

I’m also going to begin drafting maybe an outline for a book about spiritual planes of existence and some random ideas I’ve recently had. It’s tentatively going to be titled “Interdementianal”, but I might mess with the spelling, or even the whole title. So stay tuned.

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