This is a parent page for all of my writings.

A Demonic Satire

“A Demonic Satire” is a growing collection of one act plays, conceptualized during my junior and seniors years of college. The general story revolves around the characters Phillip and Azazel, and for a large portion of the plays they’re represented by the same physical character. Phillip is a lawyer who becomes possessed by Azazel (a …

Memoirs of a Transient Monkey

This is going to be the parent page for Memoirs of a Transient Monkey…I’ll flesh it out later… For now just use the sub-pages links on the right.


This is going to be a fiction work exploring connections between spirtual planes, schizophrenia and other mental disorders, and drugs. Should be a fun time. I’ve started work on the first chapter (well, it might get split up and mixed in with the other characters, so maybe chapter isn’t the right term), Katherine, you can …


Miscellaneous writing that doesn’t fit in any other category will fall under here. Enjoy.