Forums Issues

So I recently learned that the forums are being hosted in more of an “archived status”, which means they aren’t all that useful!

I’m working with Ryan to get a copy of them transferred over, so I can just host them myself, hopefully it won’t take but a day or more.

Once the forums are in place, then I can look into addressing the reported problems being encountered.

For those of you having issues, please post in the comments of this post as much information as possible, including the version of WordPress being used.

Also, I can’t test this myself, but I suspect the problem several users are reporting is tied to my saving the index.php as UTF-8 encoded (per plugin documentation), but perhaps I should have left it as ANSI, or UTF-8 without BOM. If you know how, and want to give it a shot, let me know what results you get. Otherwise, I’ll try and throw something together this evening to test it.