Closing Forums & Site Revamp

Long time, no see! It’s time for an update. After a long hiatus, I’m planning to do an overhaul of the site. Not that this site has tons of visitors, especially after such a long hiatus, but for those who do visit, there are some significant changes.

  1. The forums are going away.
    • The forums never really seemed to work all that well after migrating, and lots of people were using the official WordPress plugin forums anyway. In an effort to slim down exactly what the site does, it makes sense to eliminate them. This has already been done.
  2. Migration to Docker
    • I’m in the process of learning Docker, and in an effort to rapidly speed up future migrations and deployments, and teach myself more, I’ve decided I’m going to migrate the site to Docker as well. I haven’t yet decided if it makes further sense to migrate to K8s (or K3s).
  3. I’m going to revamp the plugin!
    • I have no idea if anyone is actually interested in continuing to use the plugin, nor what alternatives are out there, but I’m aware of several things that… work less than ideally in the current WP environment. I’m also very much aware of how poorly coded the UI was (tables for layout? *shudder*)
  4. Who knows what else?
    • I’ve been kind of waffling over what I want the future of the website to be. Do I want it to be a mishmash of personal and professional content? Do I want it to primarily be person (or professional) content, and if so, do I migrate the other elsewhere? I don’t know, but I’ll be trying to sort that out in the coming months!

That’s all for now, but stay tuned to see the progress on these changes!