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Official Transient Monkey Store!

I mentioned it in the previous post, but Transient Monkey now has its own store! You can follow that link, or the link from the drop down menu above! Currently we’re just selling some Silk-Screened T-Shirts, but we’ll be adding more unique and interesting products to the store over time. Check it out, buy something, …

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Official Logo, Site Redesign

Transient Monkey Logo

If you’ve been to the site before, you’ve likely noticed we’ve got a new banner, and a new logo! We’d originally intended to have them be one and the same, but the best looking logo turned out a bit more square, which doesn’t really work so well as a banner. Luckily, some of the earlier …

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Trombone Mount – Finished

As I’d mentioned in the Godzilla post, I’d been working on a trombone wall mount, and had very nearly reached completion. I’m glad to say that during the Christmas holiday I was able to complete that project, thanks in great part to the efforts of my dad. While the idea had always been mine, and …

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Albert the Elephant

Somehow, while writing the previous post, I completely forgot about the most recent addition to the decorations in my condo (most recent meaning not works in progress). This would of course be Albert the Elephant, baby elephant to be more precise. He sits in the corner of my dining room, holding up a piece of …

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Godzilla vs King Kong

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Godzilla, that’s awesome….but why is it there?” I’ll tell you why, because it is awesome. Ok, it’s a bit more than that, but before I push the image too far down I’ll move to explaining beneath the image, so scroll down! That’s right, down here, there you go. …

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The Roof is on Fire….

Another day,  another building in my condo complex catches fire. First, back in November, or maybe it was early December, my building caught fire. From the news articles it sounded like some dumbass started that one on the 2nd floor, and then instead of trying to call 911 or do anything smart, they tried to …

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