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Yeah…I’m really good at writing here…I last posted in October about how I’d have photos, and now I have them! It only took 3 months! Yeah…I guess I still need to work on that. Technically I had the pictures posted in November or December…I just didn’t link to them here….


I actually should have at least one new photo to add/replace, with my lovely handcrafted guitar mount in the living room. Technically I guess you won’t see the mount so much as the mounted guitar…but maybe I’ll include a pic of just the mount for kicks. It was surprisingly simple to design, and took maybe 3-4 hours total to make, definitely beat the prices I saw online, I think.

Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to  mount the trombone to the other wall. That one’s gonna be a bit more complicated, since it doesn’t have handy built in strap supports or whatever like the guitar. My brother also needs to come down to start planning for the most awesome painting ever that I’m commissioning him to paint for the longest wall in my living room. It will be the most amazing painting of all time.

And if I’m ever actually home for a weekend, healthy, and my parents are free they’ll be bringing down some more old furniture to dispose of, I mean gift to me. It beats shelling out several thousand for new stuff.  This way I can save up for a much nicer bigger place later on, and then I can actually put new stuff in it.

I am really hoping to start working on “Memoirs of a Transient Monkey” again soon, of course I’ve been meaning to a lot of things…for quite some time, and yet I haven’t. I’ve been thinking, and I’m probably gonna do a complete rewrite of chapter 2. I’ll probably incorporate some of what I’ve already written, I’m just unsure of how much. I might actually adapt what I have for chapter 3, and instead create some sort of transition chapter as the new chapter 2. Of course what do you care?

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