New Condo, New Post

Whoot! So…it’s what, a year and 4 months or so late? It’s not like my hordes of adoring fans bother to read this anyway. They much prefer to send adulation to me in person, by way of mail bombs and the like….

Anyway, I have a new place! Yes, I just bought myself a condo. A lovely, recently updated, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom place with a little kitchen, a nice little dining room, and a living room. I’m still in the process of situating myself, but for the most part there’s more room then there is stuff to put in it. I’m sure that’s going to change soon though.

I’ll be posting pictures shortly  in the gallery…which if you’ve managed to find this, you likely already know how to find, but I’ll add a link once I do, and throw in at least one pic anyway.

Oh yeah, I’ll also have access to a pool, during the summer, and tennis courts. Of course…I’m still waiting for the condo association to send me paper work on all of that…. In fact, I’m still waiting for them to send me the information on the condo fees… I even called them about that. I moved in on the 5th, so it’s almost been a month. You’d think they’d have realized by now that I’ve moved in, they should’ve gotten all the settlement paperwork. I can’t very well pay them if they don’t tell me how.

Tonight will be somewhat interesting, being Halloween and all. Sadly I’ve got nothing special to do, though I’ve been dead tired lately, so that might not be a bad thing. I’m assuming all the little condo development kids will be trick-or-treating though, so I’ll have to pick up some candy when I drop by the super-market tonight. I suppose it will be a true test to find out if my doorbell (one of those electronic ones that you plug into an outlet) still has a ringer stuck outside after tonight…

I think, perhaps, I’ll start posting more of my random ramblings on here, but we’ll see. I upgraded WordPress…it looks like it might have new features, but I dunno if I’ll use any of them.

Well, this is enough avoiding work for now….

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