Ring around the Pentagram

Ok, it’s been a while since I last posted…I admit, I’ve lapsed a bit…there were quite a few times when I had things interesting enough to write about, but for some reason I never did get around to it…that is, UNTIL NOW! And by UNTIL NOW, I mean…the second time I worked on this post…since I didn’t finish it the first time…and then got distracted…whoops.

Would you believe I wrote that paragraph like 3.5 months ago? I suppose if you actually check this page, yes, you would believe that. Anyway, I’ve decided to just go ahead and finish the Pentagon story and get this posted. Then maybe random short posts occassionally.

So, lately at work they’ve actually been giving me more stuff to do, stuff that’s real work, and should lead to quite a bit more money, which would be a nice change. I’ve been doing database and webpage stuff for the Joint Staff, setting up stuff over at the National Guard Bureau’s Readiness Center. It’s a pretty cool place, soldiers walking around with automatic rifles on their backs, etc..

While this next trip wasn’t related to any work I had to do, one of my co-workers on the Joint Staff decided we should meet some of the people we support in the Pentagon. So I got to go on a trip to the Pentagon, which was pretty sweet. Lots of security, of course, they even take your photo and print it out on a badge, which you get to keep when you go. Seemed somewhat expensive, but maybe it’s harder to duplicate, though you still need a legit barcode to get past the gates. Once we got in I was surprised to find that the Pentagon actually has it’s own little shopping mall. Not one of those super shopping malls, just like 20-30 stores (Dunkin’ Donuts, CVS, Bank of America, eye care, dentist, doctors, some stores that rotate in for 2 weeks, etc). It makes sense when you think about it, I mean these people aren’t likely to be able to get out anywhere during their lunch hour, not with all the security, and the parking lot being a decent ways away, and then all the traffic…so it must be pretty nice. They even had at least one, and maybe more, food court – with lots of fast food type restaurants. But we were too good for the food court, so after we met the people we were there to meet we got to wander around on a bit of a tour. We saw several sections being worked on, upgraded, and whatnot. We also saw the E-ring, at least, I think it’s the E-ring. The nice fancy one on the outside that has the Secretary of Defense’s office and snazzy wooden paneling, and WINDOWS! As there are 5 sets of halls in the pentagon, only the outside offices get windows, I don’t believe there are any offices along the inside wall of the courtyard, but I could be mistaken, there are several hallways with windows though, so an office there would be kinda nice. The thing about these windows though, is that they had this nasty nasty yellow-green tint, and all the light that came in looked like that. I think that would hurt my eyes, plus it really ruins the whole view. I think it must have something to do with security, but what do I know?

 Anyway, we then went to chill in the courtyard for a bit. It’s a nice little courtyard, for a military facility, with a bunch of wooden chairs to sit in. We chose to sit in these, for a bit. The chairs were odd in that the seat part was incredibly steep back, but it was comfortable, anyway, then we wandered off to eat.

I forget a lot of what happened, as this is the  most recent attempt to write this post. Anyway, we got back to the office, and I find a voicemail on my machine. So I listen to it and the caller identifies themself as some guy at the Pentagon…and says he has my phone. Turns out it had fallen out while we were sitting in those super steep chairs in the courtyard, and this soldier or contractor luckily saw it and found it had a number listed as “home” in it, so he called that. Now the “home” number was actually for my parents home, as I still consider it “home”, but when my mom answered he just said something like “I have your phone” – without any sort of explanation. So my mom was confused and a little concerned, and for some reason he didn’t outright explain himself at first. Anyway, he finally mentioned he found the phone at the Pentagon and called “home” and my mom put 2 and 2 together and realized it must’ve been mine so she gave him my work number. Luckily the co-worker who showed us around was heading back over and offered to swing by and pick it up for me, so he did.

All in all and eventful day.

And now….let’s post this ancient thing.


  1. intriguing story.
    one i almost believe.
    i get nervous just having a phonecam on base

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