Kid Radio and the Chilean Invasion

Well, it’s been a few days since I updated this. Didn’t really have anything I could think of to write, but don’t act like you would have, you know you’re less interesting then I am. Or are you?

Anyway, last Friday I joined some of the guys at work for a game of poker. While there was a $25 buy in, plus $7 for snacks, I didn’t really think of it as a gamble so much as I did just paying $25 for a fun game. I figured I’d lose the money anyway. I haven’t played poker much, and only this way once before now – during the game I once called having 3 pair…obviously not something I can do since you’re only allowed 5 cards…whoops.
Anyway, the game went on for a while, it started at 6 and ran until close to midnight. Yadda, yadda, people dropped out, but I was still hanging in. Then George, one of our hosts, is the only one in a round against me. I’ve only got a 2 and another card in my hand, but the cards are laying out so there’s a chance for a straight, either 2,3,4,5,6 or A,2,3,4,5 or something like that. Maybe my other card made one of those work. Whatever the case, I stayed in the game with my two, and after raising the bids a bit George decides to start taunting and goes all in – thinking he currently has more chips then me anyway. At this point I definately had the straight, but I wasn’t sure what he had, so I was still a little hesitant, but I figured what the heck, I had to get going soon anyway, so it’ll either narrow it down to 3 players with me doing very well, or I’d drop out and head home. Turns out George overestimated himself, I don’t recall what he had, but my straight clearly beat him, and when our chips were tallied, I had more then him (he had more 100 chips, but I had stacks of 25s). So combining all of his with my own, I was clearly in the lead. The three of us still in the game all had to ride the metro, and since I was in the lead I decided to call it and just split the pot. Since I was in the lead with chips I took $84, and the other two guys each took $83. While I may or may not have been able to win more, I think that was a decent take – especially when you consider I expected to lose.

Anyway, the next day George wrote a short little newsletter/”blurb” for the guys in the office, to update them on how the game went. Apparently they’d dubbed me “Kid Radio”. The kid part is probably because I’m the youngest of the bunch, and the radio part is because I don’t have a radio – which my boss kept making jokes about. I suppose I could have a worse nickname.

Moving on…..

I really really hope Chile never invades the US. I’m sure you’re scratching your heads wondering why I’d be concerned about Chile, and before this week, I would have done the same if someone else told me they were concerned. While Chile does have one of the most prosperous South American economies, it is unlikely that they would ever be able to rival the US military – but then I saw the picture below.

Are any of you newly concerned? Let me explain what the picture is showing. The woman in the middle is currently in the lead of the Chilean polls for their President, or Prime Minister, or whatever it is they have down there. Surrounding her you see members of the Chilean military. Notice that their military is apparently made up of rather attractive women. Now bring an army of attractive women to the US and the men in the US military are going to have some trouble holding them back, in fact, they may help them. In the event of a Chilean invasion we would be entirely dependent on the women in the US military. As a result I think we need to increase the percentage of females in our military and increase the funding for their training. We can’t get caught unexpectedly by the Chileans, or any other nation that recognizes the potential uses of an attractive female army!

Yes……chilean army……mmmm

Oh, sorry, um, just ignore that….

Until next time….VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!

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