If life was made of the stuff of dreams…I’d be mad

So I had this dream last night. For those of you who have heard about my dreams, well, they’re not really normal. In fact they’re usually incredibly bizarre. This one is no exception.

I think the dream was with me at the viewpoint of an observer, since I always saw everything and I don’t recall participating actively in the dream. It started off on a highway, several guys were apparently fleeing from a cop who was chasing them for bank robbery or something. What made it more interesting was the fact that they were mostly split up, and while I saw them as individual people running along and getting exhausted the speeds they were going were clearly those of a car….
Anyway, I believe the cop caught the last guy, and was fast approaching the other two when one of them decided to tie up the cop while the other got away with the money or something.
Then it’s a bit fuzzy…..and I recall the guy who got away getting home, where his wife was apparently insanely mean and abusive. And he tried to reconcile or something, but she would have nothing of it…and was apparently oblivious to the stolen money or something….
Then she leaves, and he burns down the first floor…causing the houses 2nd floor to drop into place…obviously not realistic. He then goes to the neighbors’ where he tries to seduce the woman there. Lots of blurry stuff there, the wife comes back wondering why the house is now one story instead of too. She attempts to reconcile with her husband, something about taking anger classes….lots of blurry stuff…he doesn’t have any of it…and then more blur until the end…



    • ruth on December 12, 2005 at 9:11 pm
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    yo so that appartment thing sucks- is it fixed yet? and yes i read this! lol – esp when im bored in class!! yes its 912 at night an im in class…what the heck ah well-
    enjoy the night

  1. Yay, the first comment from someone other then myself!

    Uh, the apartment deal is still a little wiggy. I lost the oven, but I did get a hotplate, and hopefully a larger toaster oven. I’m still waiting for her to get someone to put up my shelves though….and turn my door around, since the hinges are on the outside. She actually asked me if I could mount the cabinets, if I knew how. I said I could look into it, but I’d want some money off the next months rent. She then argued I was already getting a discount cause I was paying the same rent, apparently she doesn’t realize that the extra money would’ve covered A) the oven, B) having cabinets in place, and C)the extra space

    Currently I’ve just got C, and even after B I don’t think it’s worth the extra $40-50 without the oven.

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