That bird’ll do tricks for free…

So I was in the supermarket friday, walking down the isle, minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye I see this fast motion
moving in. Wham, there’s this bird flying down and landing on top of the aisle. I’m sure it thought it was supposed to be there, but it
was wrong. I think it was a finch, or some other small bird, but I don’t really know. I’m know ornithologist.

It kind of made me wonder how it got in there. Did it fly in through a loading dock, and then in through a back door? Did it sneak in the
entrance doors, even though they’re somewhat small? Did it escape from the butcher who was preparing a tasty finch pie (yum?)? At least
their weren’t 4 and 20 blackbirds, then I’d know a blackbird pie had gone horrible wrong.

Speaking of eating birds, chicken and turkey are just so darn good tasting, and it’s almost time for us to eat lots of turkey…for days
and days… At first it’s great, but after the first 20 meals it starts to get old.

Have any of you ever had a Turducken? These bad boys are like the epicurean ornithologists dream. It makes me wonder though, who’s idea
was it to stuff a de-boned turkey with a de-boned duck, which happened to be stuffed with a de-boned chicken? Do you ever think “Hey, I
like beef, and I like chicken, let’s stuff a cow with chickens. We can call it beeficken!” Or better yet “I like beef, I like bacon, and
I like chicken, let’s stuff a cow with a pig that’s been stuffed with chickens! It can be called beigen.”

You know… beigen actually sounds tasty…..

Moving away from food…

As I was leaving the metro 2 days ago I got in my car, and noticed unusual movement in the car in front of me. At first I figured someone
had gotten in, or was messing around and I just didn’t catch them when I walked passed. Then I noticed a balding old man’s head leaning
over the passengers seat and moving around kind of oddly. It was at this point that I decided something funky was going down, so I
decided I should leave. As I started to do that though I suddenly saw a “young” (compared to the old man) black woman’s face look up. Now
maybe this particular youngish black woman has a thing for old men, in particular old white men (at least, I think he was white), and
maybe she just happened to have a thing for parking lots, but if you ask me I think it was one of those “arrangements” where the old man
agreed to give the youngish woman money under the table for certain activities that in such an arrangement are rendered illegal. That’s
just me though…. I just hope I don’t run across any more of those sorts of things.

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