I don’t write these often enough…

It’s apparently that time again – that time when I realize it’s been a month or more since I last posted to the blog. I realize I use this website for more then just a blog (though not necessarily much more), but since this is the face of it, I really should take the time to write up a brief post every now and then.

So let’s see. I guess the biggest thing, related to this site anyway, is that I’ve begun working on “Interdementia”. While the menu still says “Interdementianal” I think I’m going to change the name to “Interdementia”. I’d say it has a better flow, though “Interdemential” I think might better convey what the story is about. Ultimately, though, I think people will get enough of the idea from “Interdementia”. Currently work has only begun on one of the main story threads, and I plan to weave several of them together. What I haven’t yet decided is if I’ll ultimately present each thread seperately, or interweave them together. For now, though, I’ll concentrate on this thread, and provide it on a semi-regular basis, hopefully. It likely will not have been proofread, so expect typos and other things. I’ll eventually clean it up, and probably flesh it out more. I think some of the earlier bits are a big dialog heavy, and could use some additional descriptions, but we’ll see.

And now it’s bedtime…so I’ll post more tomorrow…in theory.

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