Dropdown menu issues.

I’ve been messing around with the dropdown menu on the site. If you use Firefox (and possibly Opera and Safari) it should work, most of them time. IE, because it’s such a poorly designed browser, is a bit less functional….though I believe I had IE7 working more or less. IE6 is another story.

Oh yeah…and if you’re interested in having a similar dropdown menu on your website, I highly recommend this one, which can be downloaded from http://pixopoint.com/multi-level-navigation/

It’s coming along nicely from when I first started using it, partially because I started to read the support forums and saw what people were requesting, and made some requests of my own…and then realized that seeing as how I know php (the coding language wordpress and it’s plugin’s are primarily written in) I could make some of them myself. So I did, and then I passed along my work to the author, who’s been quite enthusiastic about my contributions. He’s slowly beginning to incorporate them, as he looks over them and starts to understand them. I’d say the most noticeable addition would be the little “>” that indicate sub-menu’s, but he hasn’t gotten around to incorporating that one just yet.

Recently he’s also made some javascript changes, and since he’s utilizing the wonderful jQuery library I’ve been able to further tweak/modify/condense those down too. The keyboard navigation (that I suspect…no one uses…but if they wanted to) has now been greatly enhanced.

Currently I’m trying to work on fixing up the fancy slideouts of the menu’s, unfortunately I’m getting some weird results (this is the cause of the menu issues). Hopefully I’ll resolve them soon.

And of course if you’ve read things this far…you now think I’m a dork… good for you.


  1. Hi,
    I’m reading your very interesting website. I also have a wordpress blog and I want to add the multi-level-navigation plugin with K2 theme, as you. Can I ask to you where have you placed the code in header.php (line number)?

    Many thanks for your help!

    Best regards!

    1. Hey Nicholas,

      Ultimately what needs to be done is dependent on the version of K2 that you’re running.

      Checking out your site, though, it appears you already have it up and running. If not, let me know.

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