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Menu’s continued…some more

So it turns out it was my attempts to make the menu semi-transparent that killed it in IE. I’ve since modified the CSS to get the same effect, and IE ignores the opacity setting there, so now the menu works (as far as I’ve seen up to this point) in both FF and IE…. If …

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Menu Problems Continued

So I thought I’d finally gotten the menu working correctly, it looked great in Firefox, it looked great in Opera, and it looked great in IE 7 too. Then I got in to work and tried it out on IE6 and…failure, the same stupid problem with the sub-level menu’s not folding out. I’m sure it’s …

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Dropdown menu issues.

I’ve been messing around with the dropdown menu on the site. If you use Firefox (and possibly Opera and Safari) it should work, most of them time. IE, because it’s such a poorly designed browser, is a bit less functional….though I believe I had IE7 working more or less. IE6 is another story. Oh yeah…and …

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