WP-Slimbox2 v1.0 Released!

It’s been practically a year since the last release, but I finally got up the motivation to mess with the code some more and add even more features to the already numerous possibilities within the plugin.

Release 1.0 includes several new options such as:

The ability to enable the effect on mobile phones (originally there was no option, but now it’s disabled by default).
The ability to control where the caption text comes from.
The ability to control what parent element to group images by.
The ability to render the caption as a URL to the original image.

Large portions of the backend of been rewritten as well and now the JavaScript files are entirely static, no more dynamic generation from php. This was accomplished by utilizing the wp_localize_script function of WordPress that let’s the options be loaded up in the main page, which is dynamic anyway.

If you localized the plugin in the past (or would like to now), please help bring your translations up to date!

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