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Jul 02

What’s going on with WP-Slimbox2?

Hello everyone! My apologies for the lack of updates, or much of anything. I’ve unfortunately been dealing with personal illness, as well as just being swamped with things at my paying job. Couple those things together, and WP-Slimbox2 kind of gets swept under the rug. That said, I haven’t abandoned it plugin, and I really …

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Mar 12

The future of WP-Slimbox2

I’d like to think that since its inception WP-Slimbox2 has come a long way and that there’s not really much further to go. Having said that, I can think of a few changes that can still improve the plugins functionality over all. One of the first things I’m looking to do is to utilize the …

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Mar 12

WP-Slimbox v1.1.1 Release (also v1.1, v1.0.3.4, & v1.0.3.3)

This post is extremely late in coming (v1.1.1 was released several days back, and before that I released v1.1 shortly after the release of v1.0.3.4, and even further back we had the release of v1.0.3.3), but I am proud to announce the release of of WP-Slimbox2 v1.1.1. The biggest change between versions was, obviously, from …

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Feb 24

WP-Slimbox2 Upcoming Release

I’ve been rather sick during the past year, which has put a damper on WP-Slimbox2 development, but I’m pleased to say that I have been working on it, and will hopefully have an updated release soon. In addition to officially indicating support for the latest versions of WordPress (as you can see on this site, …

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May 05

WP-Slimbox2 v1.0.3.2 (and v1.0.3.1) Released

So I had to release extremely two minor bug fixes (seems like that’s what usually happens). Apparently I’d never committed the changes I’d made to handle the updated RTL localization support in the index.php file, so release v1.0.3.1 remedied that. Then, after I had reports from two people who apparently had some minor issues with …

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May 02

WP-Slimbox2 v1.0.3 Released!

I’ve been sitting on a number of localizations that have been coming in ever since the previous release. I’d been holding off on an update since I’d hoped to get all the current localizations updated, rather than having several minor releases in a short period of time that only updated localizations. Unfortunately, nv1962, who graciously …

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Jan 26

WP-Slimbox2 v1.0.2 Released!

I’m a bit late writing this post, but it seems like every time I make major changes to my plugin, I get hammered with a bunch of little glitches that effect a bunch of people other than me. I suppose that’s the downside of not having a group of people to do beta testing for …

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Jan 20

WP-Slimbox2 v1.0.1 Released!

That’s right, another update already! Unfortunately, this one was to fix an issue some users were reporting regarding an error after installing the plugin that sadly made their sites unusable. I hope everyone who was experiencing that issue has since upgraded and can get back to enjoying the benefits of the plugin. Several users reported …

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Jan 19

WP-Slimbox2 v1.0 Released!

It’s been practically a year since the last release, but I finally got up the motivation to mess with the code some more and add even more features to the already numerous possibilities within the plugin. Release 1.0 includes several new options such as: The ability to enable the effect on mobile phones (originally there …

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Apr 21

WP-Slimbox2 v0.9.7 Released!

The latest version of WP-Slimbox2, v0.9.7, has been released. Major changes on the user side include the addition of the wonderful jQuery Farbtastic colorpicker Javascript, created by Steven Wittens and a new key code detection script (written by me) that allows you to simply type the keys you’d like to use instead of looking up …

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