Website Changes

Hello everybody, long time no post. The website is currently in a state of flux, I’d been having some weird server issues, so I backed things up and rebuilt the server. Unfortunately, when I recovered, somehow the DB only went back to around March of 2012. The upside is that I don’t think I’d posted much, if at all, in that time, the downside is that a number of upgrades to WordPress and plugins had occurred, and required “updating” again, as well as updating the DB.

Once all of that was said and done, though, I noticed the front page banner was missing, and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t access the settings to change it! Now, I’d been running the K2 theme, almost since I’d started the site several years ago. At the time I really liked the flexibility and customization the theme gave me, unfortunately K2 seemed to abruptly stop development quite a long time ago, for reasons that are unknown to me, and WordPress moved forward. I’d kept putting off updating themes, for various reasons, but ultimately it looks like these website issue has forced my hand. For the time being I’m running a temporary theme, while I take some time to research what’s currently out there.

In the meantime, for those of you wondering about WP-Slimbox2, it’s still in development, and I’ve got some big changes planned, unfortunately I’ve been rather ill and just generallyy exhausted the past few months, which has seriously sidetracked development. Hopefully I can get into it again in the next few weeks!