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    This forum is specifically for the WP Slimbox 2 WordPress plugin. For Slimbox specific questions you are best to contact either the developer of the plugin, or find a forum which specialises in javascript help ( might be a good place to look).

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    You should ditch WPlize and move to register_settings(). It handles the use of arrays in options.

    Having said that, I have no intention of updating a few of my very old plugins to use this since they work okay as is. Was just point it out in case you didn’t know the function existed within WordPress – I don’t think it was present when you wrote the plugin.

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    I removed that plugin from the site quite a while back now. I’m not the main contributor to the site anymore, even though I still administer it and have removed a bunch of things the new contributors aren’t making use of or appreciate.

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    I don’t think there’s much for you to look at malcalevak. Like you said,  "a hyperlinked image is a hyperlinked image". There’s not much you can do if the other plugin isn’t watermarking them.

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    I wish there some functionality in the plugin repo. which displayed a warning when you are downloading a plugin which doesn’t enqueue it’s scripts. These problems are annoying as heck as they’re not our fault at all, it’s just bugs in the other plugin which screw up our own plugins <img src=” title=”Sad” />

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    What settings are you guys using?

    If it’s working on one and not another, I’m guessing it’s somehow related to one of them.

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    I’m using it with no problems. Perhaps post your settings here in case it’s because I’m not using one of the settings that you are.

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    And it’s now been upgraded to the latest version <img src=” title=”Smiley” />

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    &quot;bgbs&quot; wrote:
    The instructions are very vague, written for advanced users. Beyond installation, this plugin is useless to me unless I know how to do simple things such as create a gallery, and make it show on a particular page.

    What do you not understand? I can’t think of any way it could be worded any easier.

    &quot;bgbs&quot; wrote:
    I need this plugin to show a set of images on a page. First – How or where do I upload the set of images.  Is there a specific folder? Do I use WordPress Media? ..etc

    Seconly – How do I stick those set of images on a page? Do I insert a special code in the page? 
    In the readme file it vaguely tells me to do this: [color=red:1o1dgiiz]Manually add the `rel="lightbox"` attribute to any link tag to activate the lightbox or `rel="lightbox-imagesetname"` for an image set, using the title attribute to store a caption. Alternatively you may use the autoload option to automatically prepare links to images and additionally enable picasaweb and flickr integration to easily utilize their albums.[/color:1o1dgiiz]
    This explanation doesnt tell me anything at all because it still leaves me clueless as far as how to insert set of images.

    These are questions about WordPress in general, not the plugin. You will have more luck in the support forums with non-plugin related questions like this …

    in reply to: Re: Right Click to Open Slimbox2 #1349

    You can’t disable ‘view background image’ per se, but you can disable right clicking in general. Since the lightbox loads a separate page effectively, I assume you could write the javascript so that it only fired inside the lightbox itself.

    There’s hundreds of scripts scattered around the web which disable right clicking. Some Googling should find a bunch fairly quickly.

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    One other bonus … it allows plugins to concatenate a users CSS files and place them all inside a single dynamically generated CSS file to save on http requests.

    in reply to: Re: WPlize and a suggestion #1356

    I forgot to mention before that the reason I asked for wp_enqueue_style() is because that would allow me to write a mega small plugin unhooked the stylesheet out. It would save you having to add an extra option into the plugin that way. Not many people will care about the extra stylesheet anyway, I’m just being picky and those who are picky like me could just use my simple plugin – which I’d post for download for anyone that had a use for it.

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    I’ve also noticed that some very poorly configured servers tend to take a [b:3c8sm408]really[/b:3c8sm408] long time to load files which include wp-load.php. They’re fine once the files are cached, but on initial page load those files take a ridiculously long time to load on those poor servers (10+s per file). This doesn’t affect many users at all since most use reasonably good shared hosting, but it seems to affect many people who are managing their own servers (and presumably are doing something wrong) or those on very poor quality hosts like GoDaddy (I’ve seen a few examples of this problem on GoDaddy hosted sites).

    in reply to: Re: WP 2.8 Issues #1423

    I think we need to alter the way we load our settings for the javascript files. The way we are both doing it in our plugins is flawed. We are loading wp-load.php inside our javascript files (or at least I think you are), whereas what we should be doing, is sending the specs for how the file is to be displayed via some other means rather than loading WP in it’s entirety then extracting database info. and using that to decide what code to spit out.

    A cleaner method which we could use, is to send those settings via the URL, so something … tting2=moo etc.

    This would improve performance (since not loading wp-load.php) and prevent what looks like a weird clash with WP occurring.

    This won’t work with some things such as CSS files as the data required to be moved is too large to be stored in a URL, but for simple javascript file changes this should work fine I think.

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    The most likely culprit is a clash with a poorly coded plugin.

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