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It works!!! Wonderful. Probably because I had the English version running, uploading the new version with Spanish didn’t entirely flush the previously active English values but after revisiting all options and updating them, the whole thing came up beautifully. To wit: <a href="">el demo</a>! (<s>not keeping the pics up beyond the weekend, it’s just to show it works</s> – ah why not… So there, a demo in Spanish.)

Question though: why put images in separate folders? Since the language ones are identified by the suffix, and their names are "hard set" in the .mo and .po files as well, they could very well sit in the same images folder as the English versions, no? Not really a problem, but it might be confusing to have separate image folders for each and every language… Just a thought.

Most importantly: <b>THANK YOU</b> for making Slimbox2 ready to speak Spanish, and whichever other language that comes its way!

It’s a productive day today – just earlier, I managed to make the <a href="">MLNP work in Spanish</a>, too… Woohoo!

Added PS: The "Update options" button still shows in English. Oh well.